Author Topic: fast 5 pre ride Movie theater shutdown this friday 29 all are welcome  (Read 2716 times)


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Ok guys and gals its that time again to give San Antonio a taste of the bike scene. We want do this big in cordnating with CIA and few other groups we would like to a pre meet up this friday for the new Fast 5 movie..We are looking to meet up at 630pm at Chachos off Perrin Beitel with a KSU at 700pm to ride out to the Derty local event to pick up more riders and then to mass ride to the Santikos Palladium for a 9pm showing.. Friday the 29th Justice and few other will be at the Palladium at NOON (12:00) to buy tickets and is suggested to get tickets at that time then so we all get in..Would like to extend the invatation out to all riders and former riders who have a car to meet up..We know how big things get when we have a fallen rider so lets do it big again in Honor of them and lets make this big... If you have any questions plz contact me @ 210 557 3860 and I will further assist you.. Like said before lets do this big... Manage to do it big for Bo's ride had over 100 riders their and we are planing to do it big hear so for those not on my face book hear is the info if u happen to be in town...... ;D

hear is my face book